Whilst the risk of catching coronavirus in Ireland is still low, we all need to play our part in protecting ourselves and each other and to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The HSE website has lots of useful information on best practice to protect yourself and prevent the spread of the virus.

Gorey RFC training and games will continue as usual until the advice from the HSE instructs otherwise.

However, there are important and sensible actions that we all can take to protect ourselves.

To help prevent your child from catching or spreading a virus, teach them:-

>  how to wash their hands properly and regularly

> to always carry tissues and cover their mouth and nose with a tissue if they are coughing or sneezing

> Some parents teach older children to 'dab' when they sneeze, if they don't have a tissue, then wash their hands immediately. Dabbing is a dance move in which a child drops their head into their bent elbow. This can be a fun way for your child to learn good hygiene when sneezing.

> to bin used tissues, then wash their hands

> not to share water bottles, cups, glasses or anything else they put into your mouth

> not to touch their eyes or nose when unwell

> to avoid close contact with anyone who you know has cold or flu symptoms


~ Bring your own water bottle to games and training.

~ Do not share water bottles.

~ If your son/daughter is feeling unwell (coughing, sneezing, fly-like symptoms), they should skip training until they're feeling better.

~ Avoid shaking hands after games. Use the elbow touch or offer to clap the opposing team as an alternative.

~ Wash hands at the earliest opportunity after games and training.

The club will club will continue to closely monitor the situation and will follow all advice and instructions from the HSE, IRFU and the Leinster Branch. 

Further advice and information is available from the following links...


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