Tag Rugby Terms & Conditions


Gorey RFC Tag Rugby Terms & Conditions 


·   Wearing of Tag Rugby Shorts is mandatory.  IRFU approved shorts are also acceptable. Players should wear suitable footwear for the conditions and venue. Gorey RFC Tag committee reserves the right to remove players if footwear rules of a venue are breached. Jewellery is not permitted and we strongly advise that fingernails should be cut short to prevent injury to oneself and opposing players.

·    Registration and full payment must be completed by 21st June. Teams that have not signed in or paid the full fee will not be permitted to play. Each game will be 20 minutes a side and each team will have one game each Friday. Fixtures and results will be available on the Gorey RFC website. Gorey RFC Tag committee reserves the right to change kick-off times due to unforeseen circumstances. Gorey RFC Tag committee reserves the right to cancel any event due to unforeseen circumstances. In the above cases the affected team captains will be notified.


·   Tag rugby is a non-contact sport and as with all sport there is a risk of injury. All players take part at their own risk and it is entirely at the discretion of each team and player whether or not to take part in the event as a whole or in any particular game. It is the decision and responsibility of each individual player to ensure he/she is fully covered in accordance with his/her specific needs when participating in Tag Rugby. Gorey RFC does not take any responsibility for any players and each Team Captain must sign the team sheet before each Tag event acknowledging this. Gorey RFC takes no responsibility for, and hereby, excludes liability to the fullest extent permitted by law, for any personal injury or loss or damage to any personal property sustained while playing Tag rugby or while present at Gorey RFC grounds.


·    Tag Rugby is a non-contact social sport. All players who take part agree to play in a sporting manner. Gorey RFC Tag committee reserves the right to discipline individual players who show unacceptable behaviour to the referee, another team/player, venue manager of anyone else associated with the event. Gorey RFC reserves the right to discipline the offending team by deducting points from their match score or, in extreme circumstances, by removing that team from the tournament with no refund.


·    Each time must ensure that all players arrive in good time for the start of their game. For every minute that a team is late, the opposing team will be awarded One Point.  If a team is more than 10 minutes late or fails to show for their match they must forfeit and the opposing team will be awarded a 20-nil winning score.


·    The decision of the referee is final


·    The Rules of the game are available by clicking here


·    Gorey RFC reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at their discretion.


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